• Selecting the appropriate drill bit for drilling metals and plastic

    Selecting the appropriate drill bit for drilling metals and plastic

    DATE: 27/07/2023 TIME: 27/07/2023

    Drill bits are available in a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and lengths and come in various materials and coatings. For metals and plastic, drill bits are equipped with cutting edges designed to create holes by removing material while preventing plastic workpieces from cracking. Other specialized drill bits are tailored to tackle specific materials such as glass, tile, porcelain, masonry, concrete,…

  •  Micrometers Guide

    Micrometers Guide

    DATE: 27/07/2023 TIME: 27/07/2023

    Micrometers Micrometers are precision dimensional gaging instruments that consist of a C-shaped steel frame with a ground spindle and anvil. They are available in different variations such as Vernier scale, digital, and dial micrometers. These tools are used to provide accurate and quantitative measurements of various attributes of a product or component, including thickness, depth, height, length,…

  • Lab Bottle Selection Guide

    Lab Bottle Selection Guide

    DATE: 27/07/2023 TIME: 27/07/2023

    Laboratory bottles and jars serve the purpose of holding and preserving chemicals in a variety of laboratory environments. They are available in an extensive range of sizes and shapes to accommodate different applications, and can be crafted from either glass or plastic materials. Types of Bottles and Jars: 1. Narrow Mouth: These bottles are designed with a smaller opening for pouring and storing…