• DROPSAFE Product Guide

    DROPSAFE Product Guide

    DATE: 07/10/2021 TIME: 07/10/2021

    Our Products Designed and manufactured in-house, Dropsafe products have become the industry standard for Drops Prevention Solutions globally serving multiple sectors including Oil Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Marine and Renewables. We focus on innovation, quality, industry collaboration and 3rd party testing and validation in order to deliver product performance that exceeds customer expectations.…

  • DROPSAFE Nets Spotlight

    DROPSAFE Nets Spotlight

    DATE: 07/10/2021 TIME: 07/10/2021

    Dropsafe Nets Dropsafe Nets have always delivered the highest standard of secondary retention for fixtures at height. The new Dropsafe Nets are an evolution of the existing range, with additional features to further increase safety and mitigate the risks dropped objects pose to personnel. The new Dropsafe Nets have been enhanced with the innovative Trisafe Carabiner and RFID enabled Choke Plate. These…

  • DROPSAFE Catalogue

    DROPSAFE Catalogue

    DATE: 07/10/2021 TIME: 07/10/2021

    Download Catalogue Fixtures, handheld devices, unsecured tools, loose items and structural components that may fall from height are all poteintial safety hazards. Dropped objects can cause serious injury, fatalities and damage to critical equipment. A wide range of factors contribute to dropped objects: Vibration from drilling activities and operating equipment Oxidization and galvanic action (internal…