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    Dropped object prevention - Dropsafe
    Dropped object prevention - Dropsafe
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Dropped object prevention - Dropsafe

    Dropped object incidents present unforeseen risks across various industries, particularly within the energy sector where hazards are abundant. Implementing efficient prevention measures requires a comprehensive understanding of the primary causes behind these incidents. By addressing these causes, organizations can establish a safer work environment and reduce the associated risks of dropped objects.


Primary Causes of Dropped Object Incidents

Insufficient Risk Assessment:

Inadequate identification of hazards that lead to dropped objects stems from a lack of proper risk assessment. Utilizing risk assessment tools to evaluate injury probability and severity enables accurate risk classification. Recognizing and assessing these risks is crucial for fostering a safe work environment and implementing appropriate preventive measures.


Human Factors:

Dropped object incidents can be attributed to factors like complacency, human error, and neglect. Mitigating these factors necessitates the implementation of suitable procedures and ongoing safety training. Involving all employees in continuous evaluation and improvement of safety practices is vital.


Inadequate Procedures:

Poor planning and inadequate change management contribute to subpar procedures. Effective change management practices facilitate the identification and control of risks resulting from workplace changes. Implementing standardized procedures across all work sites proactively prevents risks.


Poor Housekeeping:

Neglecting proper housekeeping practices allows hazards from previous tasks to persist in the work area. These pre-existing hazards pose significant risks, particularly when personnel rotate without being aware of them. Maintaining good housekeeping practices minimizes accidents and human errors.


Collisions & Snagging:

Moving, lifting, and traveling equipment introduce collision and snagging risks, potentially leading to dropped object incidents. Handling equipment and wires with extra caution is essential. Accidents resulting in impacts can dislodge objects and create additional hazards. Proactive measures are required to mitigate collision and snagging risks.


Insufficient Inspection & Maintenance:

Neglecting proper inspection and maintenance of equipment can create unsafe conditions and increase the potential for dropped object incidents. Regular inspections and planned maintenance schedules play a crucial role in identifying corrosion, damages, equipment wear-and-tear, and structural weaknesses before they pose risks.


Redundant, Neglected, or Homemade Equipment:

The use of uncertified, neglected, or homemade equipment elevates the risks associated with dropped objects. Such makeshift solutions lack proper testing and certification, posing dangers to workers. Eliminating the use of such equipment is essential to prevent dropped object incidents.


Inadequately Stored Tools & Equipment:

Properly tethering tools and securing loose items are critical in preventing dropped object incidents. Secure tethering of tools reduces the risk of severe injuries if dropped. Furthermore, appropriate storage of loose items and equipment prevents trip hazards and accidental drops.


Mitigating the Risks of Dropped Objects.

To effectively mitigate and eliminate the risks associated with dropped objects, various prevention solutions are available for implementation. While preventing incidents in the first place is preferable by avoiding unnecessary object placement at heights, employing drops prevention solutions at worksites proactively prevents hazards. Additionally, for incidents resulting from uncontrollable factors like environmental impacts or product failure, the impact can still be controlled and minimized.

By embracing these solutions, worksites can enhance safety measures, reduce the likelihood of dropped object incidents, and ensure effective dropped object prevention. Creating a safer work environment is paramount in preventing Dropped Object incidents and ensuring the well-being of all.


    Dropsafe Barrier

    The Dropsafe Barrier is an adaptable and durable modular safety barrier system designed to effectively prevent incidents involving dropped objects.

Dropsafe Nets

Introducing the New Dropsafe Nets for the prevention of dropped objects. The Dropsafe Nets have long been a widely accepted and trusted safety solution, securely encompassing and tethering overhead fixtures to mitigate the risk of dropped and falling objects. The upgraded Nets feature additional enhancements to further enhance the level of safety they provide.

    Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net

    The Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net is specifically designed to attach to the existing outer frame of helidecks, offering comprehensive protection against equipment and personnel falling. Constructed from marine-grade stainless steel and boasting a remarkable service life of up to 25 years, the Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net is suitable for helidecks in any environment.

Dropsafe Matting

The Dropsafe Matting is a certified slip-resistant system made of PVC, aimed at preventing drops and slips on worksite walkways and flooring. This reliable Matting solution plays a crucial role in drops prevention, reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

   Dropsafe Pouch

    The Dropsafe Pouch is an essential safety device engineered to securely enclose and tether handheld items used when working at heights, effectively minimizing the risk of dropped objects.

Dropsafe Barricade

The Dropsafe Barricade is a fully customizable chain barricade system developed to ensure the health and safety of employees in high-risk work environments. This comprehensive solution aids in dropped object prevention by establishing clear boundaries and controlled access points.

    Dropsafe Accessories

    Dropsafe Accessories, including the Dropsafe Padlock, provide tailored solutions to address specific applications and reduce the threat posed by Dropped Objects. These accessories are instrumental in enhancing overall drops prevention measures within various industries.